Our Holistic Approach to Wellness

Bloom by Dr. Love is a unique physician created CBD program that takes an integrative approach to improving your wellness. We are not just CBD products, but a program designed to improve and sustain positive benefits for a complete approach to good health.

We understand that complex conditions like arthritis, endometriosis, and diabetes, among others, often come with more than just physical difficulties. It’s important that we consider the other factors that impact your quality of life. Factors such as emotional health, lifestyle practices, and social support play a huge role in treatment and in the way an illness progresses.

With this in mind, Bloom by Dr. Love was developed by renowned physician, Dr. Richa Love, and was modelled after her experiences while working and pioneering treatment in Canada’s medical cannabis sector. During this time, over 15,000 of her patients found relief using integrative programs that incorporated a combination of therapies optimizing benefits to their health. This included: conventional treatments, cannabinoid based therapy, lifestyle changes for diet and exercise, mindfulness practices, and being apart of a supportive and uplifting community.

The response from her patients were nothing short of incredible. Many who were dealing with chronic conditions and unable to find relief with conventional methods alone, began experiencing improvements in their health! Additionally, this integrative method also addressed many of the areas lacking in conventional or single method approaches, such as issues with medication side effects.

If anything is clear, it’s that people and wellness are multidimensional. Therefore, it only makes sense to utilize a multidimensional approach to wellness. This is what we do at Bloom by Dr. Love. We have done the research for you, and pieced together a carefully curated, and integrative CBD wellness program, making those first few steps towards wellness, easier than ever! We invite you to try one of our programs today and watch yourself Bloom! To learn more about the concepts forming the foundation of our programs, be sure to check out The Bloom Approach found below.

Rule Of Thirds
The journey to optimal wellbeing must be integrative (has daily application) and holistic (addresses multiple areas) to provide sustainable benefits. Whether you are dealing with a diagnosis of depression, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, or other conditions, caring for your health includes a variety of components you may not have been aware of previously. Dr. Love’s Rule of Thirds will help you understand what these various components are and how they fit together. In essence, the idea is that in order to achieve complete wellbeing, you have to address all three major components of wellness: the Physical, Mental, and External.

In medicine, the physical component of health considers factors such as nutrition, water intake, exercise, and sleep quality. Since all of these contribute to overall physical health it is important that steps be taken to incorporate regular exercise, such as a 20-minute walk per day, maintain quality sleep that lasts at least 7-hours (note: those over 55 may require less sleep), and being conscious of which foods we use to fuel our bodies.


The external aspect contributing to our wellbeing include compounds such as pharmaceuticals, or more natural aids such as cannabinoid rich products (e.g., capsules, gummies, balms), herbal teas and essential oils. These are items you obtain from an external source to benefit your wellbeing. It is important to exercise caution in which compounds you decide to use, and to ensure products provide the benefits they claim to. Many “miracle” pills or solutions sound amazing and can be incredibly expensive while providing little in the way of legitimate health benefits.

Finally, we have: Life Change and Attitude Change. When we experience frustration or conflict in our lives, we have two options; (1) enact a Life Change, where we take action to change our physical circumstances, like talking to your boss, moving, going to the gym, etc.; or (2) we make an Attitude Change, where we instead work to change our attitude towards the situation.

Remember, achieving optimal health and wellness is an ongoing journey. Every journey begins with a single step and being human means, we may even take a few steps back sometimes, but that is ok. Implementing long term solutions takes time, patience, and effort but it will provide much greater benefits than rushing into some scheme that promises to cure you in 7-days or has a single pill to cure all your problems. Your health is worth the time it takes to find good approaches and quality products to support your wellbeing and quality of life.


The mental aspect of wellness includes components such as social interaction, feelings of purpose, outlook on life, and support networks. All of these factors contribute to your optimal wellbeing. When we go through challenging experiences, having a support network of individuals you can talk to is incredibly valuable. These exchanges can be thought of as forms of counselling. If we break this down a bit more, Dr. Love considers there to be three levels of counselling:

Self – This includes self-led meditative or calming practices, such as breathing or mindfulness techniques.

Informal – Includes reaching out to those closest to us, such as friends and family for counsel.

Formal – This is similar to informal, except now, you are receiving counsel from a psychologist/counsellor, religious authority (Guru, Priest, Pastor, etc.), or any other professional source outside of your family and friends.

The Bloom Advantage

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